Something different

knitting the toe

I managed to write and post from my iPhone over at YarnPorn this morning, but as soon as I logged in here I kind of lost the mojo. I’ve written and deleted this mornings post at least five times and my thumbs are getting sore, my eyes are straining and my spellcheck wants to change perfectly cogent ideas into perfectly cromulent ones.

Case in point, it thinks “cromulent” is more legit than “cogent”. I’m not sure I can handle this kind of criticism from the spellcheck any more and I can’t seem to access the drafts of this post that I saved.

While I don’t want to lose my momentum blogging, I’m at the point where I have to think about preserving my own mental health. To that end I’m going to post a picture and go have a nice frustration cry over a cup of tea.

2 Responses to “Something different”

  1. I have found tea to be the perfect cure for technology mishaps

  2. It has to be the most perfect drink for almost every situation in my life. I have tea when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m excited.